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SZCZECIN, 19 and 20 september 2020

SZCZECIN, 19 and 20 september 2020
SZCZECIN, 19 and 20 september 2020
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Type of training: You learn the technique of correcting and completely removing pigments of all kinds on the eyebrows and lips. For safety reasons, we recommend treating the eyelids and eye pencil with extreme caution.

You learn the technique of correction and complete removal of body tattoos and cover-ups of all kinds, even in sensitive areas (fingers, head, erotic areas, on cartilage, etc.).

Duration: 2 days from 9 am to 5 pm

Language: native language

Trainer: Bozena Thomsen, M:, T: 603 186 665

Location: please ask the trainer

What topics are covered in the training:

Although the subjects covered in the permanent makeup removal training cover all aspects but are not deepened, the training on the subjects covered in the Body & PMU training is much more detailed, since the correction and removal of the body require in-depth knowledge.

1. The importance of color quality for elimination (organic, inorganic, toxic, unknown colors)

2. Legal grounds for expulsion and legal protection of the practitioner

3. Importance of hygiene and a concrete catalog of measures for your safety

4. Medical basis for the elimination of pigments

at. Anatomy - structure and functions of the three layers of skin

b. Histology - What happens in the skin during tattooing / removal?

vs. Dermatology - How to treat skin diseases (from cancer allergy)

5. The different methods of removing pigments and their differences (laser and without laser)

6. The skin method for correction, elimination and discoloration.

at. Step by step from education to follow-up treatment)

b. Training films, checklists and many exercises and practical applications on a model (Attention: bring your own model or consult a trainer)

vs. Examples of good and bad treatment - Sensitive bodies, difficult clients

d. documentation

7. Wound healing, complications, side effects and interface with doctors

8. Profitability, calculation, organization of a Skinial Studios (order, storage, sale to customers)

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